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Pomegranate syrup

suggestion: blue cheese, aged cheese The best pair: Saint Agur blue cheese 200 grams pomegranate juice 120 grams white sugar 20 grams honey 10 grams lemon juice 3 cloves INSTRUCTIONS: OPEN A HUGE POMEGRANATE, TAKE OFF THE GRAINS. TO HAVE A NICE LIQUID YOU HAVE TO USE A FINE CHINOISE. PUT ALL THE INGREDIENTS INContinue reading “Pomegranate syrup”

Parsley sauce

suggestion: everything fried The best pair: meatball fried parsley 50 grams garlic 1 clove anchovies 2 fillets rye bread 20 grams pecorino cheese 20 grams lemon zest black peppers extravergine olive oil INSTRUCTIONS : PLACE ALL INGREDIENTS INTO A BLENDER AND BLEND UNTIL SMOOTH.

Chestnut Sauce

suggestion: meat the best pair: smoked beef tartare 10 chestnuts water 5 tablespoon of Extravergine olive oil fresh rosemary


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